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Internal Family Systems

A compassionate and transformative approach that unlocks inner healing, unleashes true identity, and paves the path to a life of fulfillment and growth.

IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps individuals address and understand their inner thoughts and feelings. It is based on the idea that the mind is made up of different parts that have different roles and functions. These parts can be in conflict with each other, leading to emotional distress and negative behaviours.  These parts can also carry emotional wounds, sensory experiences from the past, and damaging beliefs.

 Internal Family Systems Therapy
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This type of therapy involves helping you identify, connect with and communicate with different parts of yourself, with the goal of understanding innermost needs and motivations. I help you to develop a relationship with each part and help you to encourage your inner world to achieve healing and balance.  Eventually the hope is that there can be a release of old emotional energy that is being held in your system from past adverse experiences.  Releasing these energies (called burdens in IFS) helps increase the emotional resources in the system, allowing for an increased expression of freedom of identity and individuality.

IFS therapy is often used to treat a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and addiction. It is a non-judgmental, non-pathologizing and compassionate approach that emphasises self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance. The goal is to help you find healing and wholeness by integrating all aspects of their inner selves.

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